Solid fueled boilers CLF20, CLF27, CLF37, CLF45

Solid fueled boilers CLF20, CLF27, CLF37, CLF45

  • 6 May 2016

The boilers manufactured by our company are designed for heating apartments or public places using solid fuels (wood, briquettes). While the system is open or close, the water circulates with its gravitational rotation or forced rotation (with the help of the mixing pump).

The body of the boiler is welded from steel, cleaned and painted with heat-resistant paint. The firebox is surrounded

by the water jacket. Thus, the water jacket is installed in the furnace, which plays an important role in the heat exchange. All the boilers are manufactured from steel:

* The thickness of the outer wall of the water jacket is 3 mm,
* The thickness of the inner wall of the water jacket is 5 mm,
* The thickness of the boiler’s cover plate is 1 mm.

The boiler is equipped with three cast doors to make easier the loading and maintenance:

* From the upper door can be easily cleaned up the soot and other remaining particles which remained from the combustion
* The boiler is loaded through the firebox door.
* The ash can be removed through the ashtray door. With the ashtray door and the draft regulator we can set the necessary air flow for the optimal combustion. The draft regulator is mounted in a 3/4″ chunk on the top of the boiler.

The draft regulator must be installed by a specialist!

The boilers are equipped with cast iron grids:

* The vertical grid prevents the solid fuel not to fall out from the furnace
* The horizontal grid is mounted between the mid- and the lower door

The grids are castings, so they resist towards the extreme temperatures are high, but after a time they should be replaced as well.

clfThe body of the boiler is fitted with an insulating layer and covered with a painted plate which is screwed to the body of the boiler.

The water nipples sizes are 2″ and the boiler’s drain nipple size is 1/2″

With turning up or down the arm/handle you can open or close the firebox door. The arm’s direction is downwards and it should function easily.