Rounded water-jacketed fireplace ACF SRA4

Rounded water-jacketed fireplace ACF SRA4

  • 6 May 2016

The SRA4 round and water-jacketed fireplace is the ideal addition to heat homes with 50-350 cubic meters of air, combining the atmosphere of the fire with the most economical method of heating with burning wood- or briquettes.

Main features and benefits of the fireplace:

* 3 mm thick curved door which prevents warping and deflection due to the thermal expansion
* There is a double insulation at the door, heat-resistant ceramic sealant in the profile of the door and also heat-resistant ceramic tape sealant on the glass
*A single, enlarged door which facilitates the loading, the maximum length of the briquette can be 33 cm
* It should be installed only with open expansion tank!

Benefits of the fireplace:

*It is not necessary to mount it in separate boiler house
* Long life service
* Combines the pleasant atmosphere with the comfortable warmth
* Due to its form it can be placed anywhere in the house