Natural clay tile fireplace SUC1, SUC2

Natural clay tile fireplace SUC1, SUC2

  • 6 May 2016

The SUB7, SUB8.5 or SUB13.5 arched fireplace is ideal in order to heat homes with 44-330 m3 of air, combining the atmosphere of the fire with the most economical method of heating with burning wood- or briquettes.

The most important features of the fireplace :

* Heating capacity of 7, 8.5 and 13.5 kW
* The thickness of the steel sheet 2 or 3 mm
* Profile door that prevents warping and deflection due to the thermal expansion
* Double insulation at the door, heat-resistant ceramic sealant in the profile of the door and also heat-resistant ceramic tape sealant on the glass
* A single, enlarged door which facilitates the loading, the maximum length of the fuel can be 33 to 39 cm
* Ceramic glass, heat-resistant up to 800 °C
suc* Imported heat-resistant paint up to 600 °C
* Industrial fire bricks, heat-resistant up to 1200 °C * Tapered chimney connector diameter 120 mm

The advantages of the fireplace:

* Long life
* Combines the pleasant atmosphere with comfortable warmth
* Double flame deflector
* To protect the paint there is a built-in space for the smoke