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In these days, fireplaces, furnaces are the most economical heating systems. Due to the continuous increase of the price of natural gas and other energy price increase, more and more people decide to use the fireplaces, which may be either water heating systems or fireplace connected to central heating system. They are suitable for heating multi-room or even the whole house.


The solid-fuel stoves, fireplaces are also decorative elements of our apartment. In addition to the practical functions of the fireplace, the sight of the burning fire gives us a pleasant vibe in our home decoration, which can be enjoyed even if the firebox is closed, thanks to the large door beams with ceramic glass.


The operation of the solid-fuel stoves, fireplaces is very practical, since the prices of the goods are low, easy to mount or to be moved, they are available in many sizes, shapes – rectangular, arched or round – with different capacity, so we can find the appropriate, right size fireplace to heat our rooms, home. In their design fireplaces can be with modern or rustic vibe, so they can be fit in our home with style.


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